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Breakthrough Peer Support Award Winners 2010









PATHWAYS ASSOCIATES COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY WINS a National Breakthrough Independent Living Award in the Category of PEER SUPPORT.

In 2008 NWTDT, to support us continue with the work we have been doing since the mid 1980’s in the North West following requests from disabled people and families, Local Authorities and PCT’s outside the North West and Provider Organisations the North West Training and Development Team (NWTDT est. 1984)) set up a ‘sister’ company – PATHWAYS ASSOCIATES COMMUNITY INTEREST COMPANY.

First and foremost Pathways Associates Community Interest Company is committed to supporting individuals to take control of all aspects of their lives as described by the 12 pillars of independent living (www.southamptoncil.co.uk ) which were identified by disabled people and will, if met, enable people to fully participate in society and lead to people being in control of their own lives with the support they need, at the level they need, in the form they need it, for as long as they need it. Pathways Associates are committed to securing these needs, both locally and nationally through the support, training, consultancy and research we provide.

Pathways operates as a social enterprise reinvesting surplus into supporting research, (which will extend beyond health and social care into any area of life, community or society) and developments in the health and social care field which promote our principles and make our services available at a subsidised rate (or largely free) to people who may be entitled to health and social care services and their families.

We also seek to attract funding from external sources in order to support the work we do and our partnerships with other organisations which share our values.


Pathways offers three types of membership:

1) Individual Membership Programme (£1 per annum, for individuals themselves and families),

2) Subscription Programme (for organisations)

3) Associate Members, (through invitation by the Board of Directors)


For more information please contact Lynn James-Jenkinson CEX

lynn.james-jenkinson@pathwaysassociates.co.uk (07970900226)